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The video for Beyoncé's 2008 smash hit 'Single Ladies' is ripe for parody and has inspired a dance meme that will never die. From babies to "big girls", the sheer volume of 'Single Ladies' spoofs, tributes, imitations and parodies is, frankly, stunning. Just when we're about to declare 'old meme' upon the Sasha Fierce dance craze, a new one pops up and grabs our hearts all over again. Thus we bring you, all in one place, the best of the 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)' dance meme. If you like them then you should-- wait, nevermind.

Shane Mercado - YouTuber Hits Daytime

After he filmed himself doing the 'Single Ladies' dance in his bedroom, Mercado and his video made a pop culture splash. Shane appeared on the Bonnie Hunt Show, and Bonnie's team used state-of-the-art technology to green-screen him INTO THE MUSIC VIDEO. Bravo! People would like to think that Beyoncé was the one who propelled the 'Single Ladies' dance into the pop culture history books, but we know that it was Shane who inspired the hundreds of YouTube imitators.

Justin Timberlake 'Single Ladies' From SNL

You might've forgotten that Paul Rudd was hosting, because when Justin Timberlake and "the dancers" appeared in full 'Single Ladies' attire (that's heels and black leotard) the show was completely stolen. What followed was some serious dance moves -- and we're not talking about Beyoncé.

Cubby - DJ Steps Out From the Mic

It didn't stop with Saturday Night Live. Soon, parodies were popping up all over the 'Tubes -- including one by an adorably overweight leotard-clad DJ from Charlotte, North Carolina's 96.1 The Beat who goes by Cubby. On Facebook, he goes by Cubby Squires, but on YouTube this dancer has racked up over 3.5 million views.

SecretTrois - Big Girls Can Dance, Too

Who says big girls can't "put a ring on it" like Sasha Fierce herself? 'SecretTrois', featuring the three ladies who created the 'Single Ladies' "Big Girl Remix", put on a show with their synchronized moves and matching devil horns. For a video that's seen over 6 million views, you would put a ring on it if you knew what was good for you.

Obama does 'Single Ladies' - God Bless America

Iman Crosson or the "Impersonator-in-Chief" does a mean Barack Obama impression. Turns out, he also does a mean parody song and after the Pres was elected to office, Crosson immediately put America's two favorite things together: Obama and 'Single Ladies', creating this master parody.

'Put a Dot On It' - Let's Get Cultural

'Single Ladies' spans all genres and cultures, as you can see in one of two parodies that remixes the song and scene for a specific group of people. 'Put A Dot On It' features some serious female empowerment despite culture disagreements: "Decided to trip/ Now I wanna flip /But my parents are arranging me." Either way, "if you like it then you gotta put a dot on it."

Single Asians - Coeds Strive For Perfection

'Single Asians,' a parody put together Ivy League a capella group Mixed Company of Yale goes through quite the array of (jokingly funny!) stereotypes, but all in good fun.

Picadilly Circus Single Ladies - Londoners Let Loose

Passersby at London's Picadilly Circus were shocked to find 100 Beyoncé wannabes all bevied up in their finest leotard doing a perfectly synchronized 'Single Ladies' dance. This flash mob performance was in fact a viral advertisement for Trident gum -- but fans of the song and dance could enter to win a ticket to see the song performed by the diva herself in concert.

Joe Jonas - Male Heartthrob In Heels

Just when you thought the 'Single Ladies' dance couldn't get any bigger, teen sensation Joe Jonas, the oldest member of The Jonas Brothers, donned tights and heels to do his own parody. He claims it was "for the fans", but with those passionate hip waggles, we're not alone when we think that he did it for the tights. (And they look good!)

Baby Beyoncé - A New Generation

While they don't quite have the choreography down pat, babies also love 'Single Ladies', and the internet's filled to the brim with clips of tots shaking their diapers to Beyoncé. One in particular featured the hip-shaking moves of 'Single Baby' Cory Elliott -- a kiwi whose video went viral, hitting everywhere from Mashable to CNN. Now, Baby Cory not only tweets, but if you like his adorable dancing you can even contribute to his college fund at

Glee - Footloose Football Players

A phenomenon in its own right, FOX's musical-comedy Glee was bound to feature 'Single Ladies', it was only a question of when. In true Glee fashion, closeted high schooler Kurt Hummel joins the football team to in order to prove to his dad that he is "manly" enough. Turns out, Kurt's quite good at kicking the pigskin -- but only if prompted by the sweet, sweet sounds of 'Single Ladies'. This inspires a truly brilliant 'Single Ladies' performance, featuring all the players on the football team.

Pomplamoose - Adorable Duo's Cute Cover

Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, of musical duo Pomplamoose, recorded their version of the addicting track using a plethora of instruments including piano, bass, drum and even the sound of a Polaroid camera shutting -- alongside Dawn's gorgeous harmonies. Even though the doe-eyed crooner replaces the bridge's lyrics with, "Don't make me sing this part of the song. The lyrics are so bad...", we're sure Beyoncé was forgiving once she heard the gorgeous finished performance.

Joe Nation's Big Baby Beyoncé

As awesome as the (above) baby dancing video is, there was only one way it could be one-upped in awesomeness: XL DIAPERS. And while the Urlesque editors are split down the line about whether or not Joe Nation's spoof is actually funny (conclusion: IT IS!), the last thing we would do is keep it from an audience that can never have too many adult babies.

Milwaukee's HOPE Christian School's Scholar Ladies (Get An A On It)

Update! Our new favorite parody might be a bit late, but that doesn't take it out of the running. The Milwaukee HOPE Christian School's 'Scholar Ladies (Get An A On It)' undoubtably the cutest 'Single Ladies' parody of ALL TIME -- and with quite the inventive set of lyrics and dance moves!

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