Parahawking is paragliding with trained birds of prey. Hawks, predominately, if the name is any indication. This tandem aerial sport was first developed in 2001, and since then it has joined climbing Mt. Everest and going to that monkey temple as a must-do for anyone visiting Nepal. $150 buys you a 30 minute glide through

Parahawking is the kind of thing that comes to you in dreams. You're gliding over the mountain tops, floating through the air, and then off in the distance you see a friendly bird of prey approaching. She swoops towards you, and as if by magic, comes to a rest on your arm. You drift through the air together and in that instant you are truly a creature of the sky. You know you've dreamt this before, but did you ever dream you could live it? We know what we're doing next time we're in Nepal.