As virtually the last Urlbot to join Twitter (Jordan is waiting on the #cheaptires phenomenon to happen, because as everyone at Urlesque knows, Jordan mostly uses the internet for weird science and cheap tires), I remained reluctant for a long time. Despite the revolutionary nature of the platform, I just could not get on board with yet another service that alerted me every time my old college roommate took a dump or whatever.

But with the advent of #hashtag games and the beckoning call of Kirstie Alley's consistently super nutty outbursts, I finally joined. And in a matter of days, I gathered 120 followers (not bad... I think) and am tracking 531 accounts, including Danny DeVito's (duh).

The legendary pint-sized actor, director, and alcoholic party animal has one of the best accounts of any celebrity, across the board. I mean, the guy posts pictures of his FEET! Just because! In practicing my love of the tiny behemoth, I directly tweeted at him regarding a rumor I'd heard in a one-woman play by Mara Wilson, the former child star of Matilda (which Danny directed). In her show, Wilson raved about how Danny (and his wife, Rhea Perlman, who could be eaten with a fork and a knife) were so much fun that they built A SERIES OF TUNNELS in their house for their kids to play in.


And then it happened. Danny DeVito TWEETED AT ME, confirming the rumor:

So, yeah, after this incident, I'm not only all aboard the Twitter train, I'm the conductor. Next stop: Kirstie Alley ...Alley?