The web exploded today with the news of six-year-old Falcon Heene from Fort Collins, Colorado who was flying across the Centennial State while (allegedly) trapped in a giant, mushroom-shaped helium balloon. Everyone was chained to online live streaming video to see how the story would unfold. To add to the bizarre story, the family, no stranger to the media spotlight, had been featured in an episode of ABC's 'Wife Swap'. Thankfully, the boy was found alive and had actually been hiding in a box in the attic the whole time. WHEW.

So anyway, it seems that as the story was unfolding, the Internet was on its A-game, churning out image macros, faux Twitter accounts, T-shirts, mashing up memes, etc. to commemorate what will now be known as the afternoon of Balloon Boy on the web. Since we can laugh now that we know Falcon's okay, see a few of our very favorite balloon boy jokes and web tributes below.

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