baby beyonce manAs the meme that keeps on giving, homemade videos featuring performances of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' continue to churn out en masse on YouTube. Most recently, the internet became awash in possibly the cutest interpretation of the song yet, by a baby whose bouncy little drumsticks were inescapable (and adorably so).

As awesome as the video is, there was only one thing the video could be one-upped in awesomeness: XL DIAPERS. And while the Urlesque editors are split down the line about whether or not Joe Nation's spoof of a meme is actually funny (conclusion: IT IS!), the last thing we would do is keep it from an audience that can never have too many adult babies.

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Believe it or not, this kid can breakdance!
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This baby can't get enough of 'Single Ladies' and has the dance moves to prove it.

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