dancing momScottsdale, Arizona-based painter and 55-year-old divorcée Diana Campanella may look like your mom.

And, sure, she may have set up a web site asking us to call ourselves "universelings" instead of "earthlings."

But of all the things that have given Diana a special place in our internutty hearts, it's that she may very well be THE BEST DANCER IN HISTORY.

On her three YouTube pages (THREE!), Diana has uploaded a total of nearly 350 videos of herself performing what she calls "improvisational, spontaneous, informal, interpretive, freestyle dancing."

Whatever it is, we're paying attention. Say goodbye to your weekend:

Diana is all, "Hey, it's the nineties!"

Diana felt bad when Michael Jackson died, so she turned her hat around

Diana could wipe the floor with MC Skat Kat

Diana once steered the Starship Enterprise

Diana shares pants with Rue McClanahan

Diana is sometimes like, "F*ck the tripod!"

Diana discovered editing

UPDATE: Whaddyaknow? Diana's been remixed!

Never stop dancing, Diana Campanella. You make the internet a better place.

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