Recently, we were tipped off to the mind-bending existence that is the Corner Doll, also known as the Go-To-Your-Corner Doll, Pouty Doll, and Time Out Doll. These life sized, stitched-and-sewn "things" are meant to resemble misbehaving li'l miscreants who, as such, are sent to the corner to think about what they've done. The catch, of course, is that these fully-costumed, faceless dummies are, y'know, not real. They're room temperature. They're stuffed. They're dolls. (Seriously.)

Although not nearly as creepy as Reborns (shudder x A MILLION), Corner Dolls are all over the web, and we've collected some of our favorite themed models for your viewing pleasure.

Because nothing warms the soul quite like the illusion of disciplining a toddler.

  • Biker Chick-a-dee (chaps = kid-friendly)

  • Baby's First Kill

  • Princess Power Walk

  • Li'l Angel from Hell

  • Naughty Cowboy

  • Weeping Pocahontas

  • Eensy Weensy Putter

  • Baby Disco Space Knight Supernova Dancing Queen?

  • Haughty Hula Honey (or... a middle-aged midget visiting Hawaii)

  • The Littlest Mom Jeans

  • Hey, who let that REAL baby in there? Get 'er out! FAKE BABIES ONLY!