oolongWe'd be remiss to go a day of full blast bunny blogging and not mention the internet's most famous rabbit... Oolong. (He has his own Wikipedia entry for goodness' sake!)

Oolong was a bunny owned and photographed by Hironori Akutagawa who had a talent for balancing objects on his head. After Akutagawa collected the quirky photos online for several years, they began to receive mainstream attention (and a mention in the New York Times). One particular photo of Oolong with dorayaki on his head became the most notorious and even led to an entire meme: pancake bunny. Way to go, Oolong! So ahead of your time.

Unfortunately, Oolong passed away in 2003, but on the web, his legacy and photos live on. Check out more of our very favorite Oolong photos, below.

And pre-emptively to all you haters: here's a note from Oolong's owner about the good intention of the site and photos.