A Day Without Cats
Ban Update: Even though it was a holiday weekend here in the US, there was a lot action surrounding the moratorium of cat photos, videos, etc. on the web that we're calling for tomorrow, 9.9.09. We had a handful of sites join the ban, including Cute Overload, My Damn Channel, National Post's Posted, Switched, Soup, A-hole Boyfriend, Lane Lipton, Funny Crave, It's Fresh, Mutil8or, The Mind of a Haiku, 29-95.com, Dumbest Games, Of Cow's Tails and Chew Toys and Tech Talk, bringing the grand total of participating sites to 40! We've even seen national and international interest in the movement. Follow the chatter on Twitter. Want to join us? Sign the petition to show your solidarity.

Don't agree with our one day of no-cat web? Join one of the anti-no cat revolutions that are cropping up. But remember... it's also just one day.

Before tomorrow's black out, here are some final cat-tastic links to enjoy --
Cat-related Flash Games on the Internet
[Dumbest Games]

Gearing up for a DWC, Best Week Ever discusses A&E's Horders' cat episode.
[Best Week Ever]

It's my cat or your computer in this episode of Pet Court.

DJ cat! DJ cat!
[via Psychotic Robot]

Think you know cats? Put your knowledge to the test with these 9 tricky cat quizzes.

Site shares 600+ cat photos to stand up against our ban. Thank you! This is quite a collection!
[Yo tambien quiero tener en estupido blog]