Yesterday, the internet was set ablaze with our announcement of The Day Without Cats on the Internet, wherein we called for a ban on cat coverage on Sept. 9. Again, we'd like to reiterate that it's not that we hate cats -- we just believe that there are many other adorable animals out there that deserve the spotlight for a day. (Be sure to vote in our poll for which animal should take the stage on 9/9!)

We realize that going a day without our beloved felines is going to be difficult, so from now until the day of the ban, we'll be having a cat-ebration -- highlighting our favorite web cat stars, lists and videos that make the internet such a wonderful place. Think of it as our way of "getting it out of our system" so we'll be able to abstain for one day.

Today, we're pulling a special video back from our archives. We awarded CATS with a lifetime achievement award in our year-end 2008 Urlies for all their influence in the web's 40 years and congratulated them with this epic compilation video. Watch, reflect, and realize just how many cat photos and videos are out there on the wild, wild web.

Do you have something cat-related that we should highlight before the ban? Send it to us!