Earlier this year, Urlesque unveiled the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos -- the most popular and memorable viral videos in the history of the web. Since there's a lot to sift through, we'll occasionally feature an individual video from the countdown.

#46 - Daft Hands

Daft Punk wasn't necessarily the most popular dance outfit before "Daft Hands" hit the Tubez, but it sure did help. 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' is now the group's coup d'etat, if you will, after somebody went ahead and turned the song's minimal lyrics into a one-take, two-handed finger dance video. With all the words scrawled across their digits, "Daft Hands" proves that, on the Internet, people can really do anything they want, and that includes reciting an under-the-radar dance pop ditty with nothing but fingers. See also: Daft Bodies.