sungha jungShame on us for not bringing this South Korean guitar prodigy to you sooner, because twelve-year-old Sungha Jung is awesome. He's been playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar for three years and is off to a pretty phenomenal start. It's safe to call him a YouTube sensation -- his rendition of the Mission Impossible Theme song alone has racked up over four million views -- and he's got a versatile cover catalogue boasting millions of more views. And to top it off, his original compositions are just as impressive. So enjoy the stylings of Sungha Jung, and appreciate that you may be watching the next Clapton.

  • His biggest YouTube hit, 'The Mission Impossible Theme Song'

  • He plays the Beatles, 'Come Together'

  • Sungha plays MJ's 'Billie Jean'

  • 'California Dreamin''

  • Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold'

  • 'All Along the Watchtower'

  • 'Hit the Road Jack'

  • And an original tune, 'Waterfall'