cat and massagerLook, we all know that cats love a good massage. But sometimes they don't have the luxury of a human hand or fellow furry friend nearby to help them relax. Sometimes they've gotta cut out the middleman and use their resources -- the devices left strewn about by their humans. And judging by the looks on their faces... they do the job just as good (if not better) than a warm-blooded helper. May I present, cats with electric massagers.

  • In this video, sent to us by tipster Linda A, a kitty BEGS for the massager and then revels in happiness. (And of course the clip is from Japanese television, the best entertainment in the world!)

  • This cat looks one part happy and one part absolutely terrified.

  • It's like this kitty knows that it's a neck massager!

  • Perhaps we should get the other cats to tell this cat, P-Chan, to give the Shiatsu a chance. He's tempted.

  • link:// Japan Probe (Our Inspiration!) Thanks for the tip, Linda!