jason mraz youtube gratetubeWell, whaddya know? Oft-barefoot pop troubadour Jason Mraz has a YouTube account on which he posts funny videos about his life on the road. It ain't easy being a musician, sleeping in foreign hotel rooms night after night, calling a tour bus your home for weeks to months at a time. But it's the price you pay for a life of stardom, money, and fame, and that's just the way it is (albeit, again, with stardom, money, and fame, so boo hoo).

On Mraz's YouTube channel GrateTube, the treehugger -- whose ditty 'I'm Yours' became an iTunes staple over the last year -- allows us a peek into this daily philosophical lifestyle, which is like Matthew McConaughey's j/k livin, if Matthew McConaughey wasn't always like, "I'm naked and dumb! Just keep livin', FWIW!"