What instrument does the Internet absolutely love -- aside from ukuleles? The accordion, of course! Everyone's favorite old-timey squeezebox looks simple to operate, but can prove to be a difficult beast to master. That's why we just love to hear others operate the accordion -- especially when they're playing the familiar cover songs we love to hear.

In case you've forgotten how to spell accordion (it's -on, not -en, FYI) or you're just not in the mood to wade through the scores of squeezebox performances online, we're collected some of your favorite accordion covers. How do we know they're your favorites? We just do. Enjoy!

    • Via BoingBoing, the incredible Oleg Sharov does 'Flight of the Bumblebees.'

    • Duran Duran like you've never heard it before!

    • This one-man-band does 'Billie Jean,' in a version that would make MJ proud.

    • "Old world" Britney Spears on accordion get laughs, but I'm impressed.

    • OMG! It's 'Chocolate Rain' on accordion. Man, you know what the Internet likes.

    • The Stones' 'Paint It Black' comes out hauntingly on the squeezebox.

    • Although he messes up a bit, Brian's rendition of 'Here Comes Your Man' makes everyone smile.

    • Black Sabbath was actually written for accordion, FYI.

    • Awesome, indeed.



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