It's been quite a week for well-produced, corporate viral videos. First, Microsoft managed to pull a hoax on most of the internet with this video called MegaWoosh, in which a dude goes down a giant water-slide, is vaulted two hundred feet in the air and lands perfectly in a tiny kiddie pool. How this is supposed to make someone subconsciously want to buy Microsoft Office is beyond me, but it was briefly entertaining.

And now comes this -- a website called Stop Writing on My Wall that features a video called "Social Media Addicts Association," where a 12 step group of British web addicts council each other on how to stay offline. It's worth a watch, if only to try to figure out who's making money off it and why. You'll get your answer at the end of the video, where there's a 2 second mini ad for Sony Vaio.

So watch and enjoy as our silly little domain of viral videos explodes into a multi-billion dollar industry.