Could this be a more perfect opportunity for a Photoshop contest? By far the best Internet happenstance to occur today is our lil' friend, the squirrel photobomber and we feel like we're seeing up pop up everywhere...

Have you seen him anywhere else? It's a Photoshop Challenge!

(Submitted by Julie)

(Submitted by RexConrad)

(Submitted by Samuel)

(Submitted by MelOrNorm)

(Submitted by Rex Conrad!)

(Submitted by Jake Mckenzie!)

(Submitted by Jay Branscomb & MadRiver_Jack!)

(Submitted by Bastard Todd!)

(Submitted by Emily!)

(Submitted by Christine McCluskey!)

(Submitted by Adam!)

(Submitted by George!)

(Submitted by George!)

(Submitted by Kerry!)

(Submitted by Kerry!)

(Submitted by Keri H.)

(Submitted via ILD)

(Submitted via Lea!)

(Submitted via The Instigatah)

Send us more sightings to and we'll add them RIGHT HERE! (Don't have Photoshop? Use The Squirrelizer to create your photobombs.)

Update! Looks like our pals at BuzzFeed had the same idea as we did! Check out the awesome submissions rolling in over there.