smokey goodness Tornado Alley Q Crew barbecue
(This photo has not been manipulated whatsoever. I know, right? Whuttt?)

So let's say your dad likes to barbecue stuff. And let's say he has friends who also like to barbecue stuff. Duh, cool dads at the grill ain't nothing new.

But what if your dad and his pals had access to a camera, cheap editing and effects software, and the inability to produce anything that makes a lick of sense?

That's what Smokey Goodness is, a YouTube channel created by BBQ enthusiasts The Tornado Alley Q Crew -- a series of really long, super-weird how-to videos (see the test video) demonstrating barbecue recipes and techniques, all set to the sweet sounds of poor audio pick-up and the same honky tonk song on repeat.

Fire it up! We're hungry for WTF delishies!

    • Stars, stripes, and sexy anime character, dancing on the meat?

    • Raspberry Chipotle Ribs (but cut to 4:11, because HUH?)

    • Plank Road Salmon and Free Range Chicken (cut to 2:11 WHAT???)

    • Playing 20Q while the ribs cook (ok)

    • Animaniacs Spaghetti (nothing says Barbecue Enthusiast like a cult cartoon classic)

    • Animaniacs Burgers (see above)

    • A 2:00 minute video of darkness (because one can't grill in the rain)

With Labor Day not too far off, we're crossing our fingers for an invitation. And if that doesn't work, we'll just mention our delicious Pinky And The Brain cous cous, which should undoubtedly seal the deal.