i want to be a babyLike most contemporary companies trying to drum up attention with Internet tomfoolery (flash mobs, viral videos, and the like), children's apparel designer Egg Baby decided it was prime time to join the parade. In doing so, they launched I Want To Be A Baby, a site essentially dedicated to the idea of adults as babies (but, honestly, it's not really creepy at all).

With pictures, videos, drawings, and even astrological readings, I Want To Be A Baby has successfully found a way to drive business with a weird, webby offshoot that never falls into the territory of corporate scheming.

Our favorite element to the site is, of course, the series of videos featuring adult babies in public, like this one of a man in footie pajamas being kicked out a New York City Kmart (bonus points for its being filmed around the block from the Urlesque offices).