Once they've finally finished making Night At The Museum 8: Chaos at the Tate Modern, someone should really think about doing a movie where the animals from the quirky website Crappy Taxidermy come back to life. The animals' first task would obviously be to get out of the internet, but they are resourceful (they've eluded decomposition and reversed death, after all) and once that's taken care of, who can even imagine all the mischief rat-like-thing with a snake wrapped around him would get into on the streets of London.

Crappy Taxidermy is filled with pictures of taxidermy that's are a little...off the wall. Crappy might be an overstatement for some of the photos on the blog, but are these googly eyes really the best you could do?

When a guest comes into your home, do you really want the first thing that pops into their head to be that Polly is a dead as disco?

Do you really think this deer's last wish was that one day his wounds will scab into a picturesque hillside village?

And, oh by the way, why are you so proud of killing this poor family of Polar Bears?