YouTube is filled with amateur film directors, and their preferred canvas is the movie trailer. Specifically, mashups. We've covered recuts that bend a movie's genre by changing the music and sequencing, but this collection spotlights a different subset -- videos that use the audio from a contemporary movie trailer and mash it up with the visuals of a classic animated film. When done well, the results can be exceptionally awesome. Here are our 8 favorites:

  • Alice in Wonderland meets Pulp Fiction (via YouTube user poseidonw)

  • The Lion King meets The Last King of Scotland (via YouTube user djung1)

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets Sin City (via YouTube user al28283)

  • Robin Hood meets Braveheart (via YouTube user hindmansm)

  • Beauty and the Beast meets Kill Bill (via YouTube user withonea)

  • Toy Story 2 meets The Dark Knight (via YouTube user al28283)