Mucho thanks are in order for our friends over at USTREAM for tipping us off about a wonderful daily live video webcam that features squirrels. We have a soft spot in our hearts for our bushy-tailed bretheren here at Urlesque HQ, and the Bad Manors Squirrel Diner stream turned that soft spot into a gaping expanse of warm fuzzyness.

Each day during daylight hours, the stream features a new "set" complete with props with which the squirrels playfully interact -- live for your enjoyment. For example, today's stream honors the release of the newest Harry Potter film with a special theme.

Here are some of our favorite archived photos from past days, and, as the page says, "NONE of the photos have been edited -- these are all wild squirrels interacting with weird stuff."

Tune in each day to see what the squirrels will be doing next. Oh how we'd love to see an internet meme theme some day. And lastly, a helpful tip from organizer Betty Squirrely: "The busiest time is usually 7 to 9am PST but squirrels come and go all day long."