Food Party Thu TranBrooklyn artist Thu Tran did it! She parlayed a TV show designed exclusively for the web onto television! Like the lovechild of The French Chef and Pee Wee's Playhouse, Food Party is described by its own kooky creator as a "would-be cooking show," one that marries recipes and demonstrations with animation, puppetry, and dead-eyed stares backed by a hip, bizarro soundtrack. Naturally, the the adorable Tran -- hosting the show's finale tonight at 11:15pm ET/PT on IFC -- knows her Interwebs, and shares with Urlesque the five coolest food-centric sites for surfing. Bon appetit!

  • Fancy Fast Food - "High-end reconstructions of fast food. Attempts to make fancy, fancy dishes using fast food as ingredients."
fancy fast food

  • Wokking Mum - "This blog is by a stay at home mom making food for her children and one of the few sites I actually try recipes from. I think she's from Singapore. Also love the '90s style floating heart rollovers for some of the links."

  • Bompas & Parr - "Really amazing food artists who make beautifully pristine molded jellies. Really good gradients."
  • Dante Fried Chicken - "RIP KFC is his motto. Very legit, delicious recipes with very good music. Make sure to catch one of his parties. [One featured] an ice sculpture of a flaming fist that says RIP KFC, and Newcleus was performing, and I was waiting in line for some chicken, but by the time I got some food, all they had was fried tofu, but even that was really delicious and well seasoned ... excuse this run-on sentence!""

The season finale of FOOD PARTY airs tonight (Tues 7/14) at 11:15pm ET/PT on IFC.