colby curtin upTen-year-old Californian Colby Curtin, stricken with vascular cancer, could no longer be transported to a theater after seeing a preview for the film Up, the Pixar film about an elderly man who, upon becoming a widower, attaches balloons to his house and flies into the sky.

Curtin's parents, realizing it was their daughter's dying wish, made a call to Pixar, who swiftly sent an employee with a DVD of the film to Colby's house the following day, not before which she claimed she was "ready, but [was] going to wait for the movie."While screening Up, Colby kept her eyes closed from pain, but her mom provided a play-by-play before asking if she enjoyed the film, to which her daughter nodded yes.

Colby then passed away later that night, not long after getting her final wish granted by some very good folks at Pixar.

Video from Colby's memorial follows below: