narcoleptic napsNarcoleptics (and their friends and family) have no shame when it comes to uploading videos chronicling their sleep disorder to YouTube. His/her experience of falling asleep at inappropriate times is mere fodder for the Tubez, where proof of personal ailments run rampant.

You don't know narcolepsy, either, until you see it in action. And the disorder strikes everybody (including chihuahuas) (...maybe).

  • Baby hungry! And narcoleptic!

  • Having narcolepsy means naptime happens anywhere!

  • Worst career choice for narcoleptic: Tree Cutter

  • Poor Caitlyn daydreams in class (but she can't help it!)

  • Okay, so this chihuahua may not actually be narcoleptic, but whatever...

  • Love knows no boundaries, including surprise naps!

  • Teach, busted!

  • Faking narcolepsy? Not cool, especially in a drug store.