mutton busting sheep kidsWe've never been to the rodeo, but it sounds like a *k*R*a*Z*y* time. Dudes riding on bulls and sh*t? That just sounds nuts. Hands down nuts, y'all. Honestly, though? It's probably not our scene.

Instead, we'd much prefer to head over to the baby rodeo, where *ZOMG* MUTTON BUSTING takes place. And while "mutton busting" sounds categorically filthy, it is, in fact, merely the act of a child riding a hyper sheep bareback.

As one might expect, some people consider it "child abuse" while others consider it "animal abuse" (and some, in fact, recognize it as both). And, sure, they're probably right, but it doesn't mean there aren't plenty of folks happy to upload the footage to the Tubez.

(J/K, we'd never want to see this live, considering that we'd end up picketing.)

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