As you might know, I haven't been at Urlesque for too long and often find myself cruising the archives, checking out some of the awesome stuff current and former bloggers have done in the past year. When I stumbled upon last year's July 4th tribute, I knew I had to bring it back for new readers to enjoy and old readers to re-live (thanks for sticking around, guys!) I'll even include the original blurb, which is really too good to leave out:

This July 4th it's time to check your political disillusionment at the door! Instead of sitting around grumbling about staggering gas prices and the plummeting economy, we challenge you to think back to the days when you were just a wee tot staring up at a firework streaming sky and livin' the star-spangled dream. With this vision in mind, we proudly present Cute Kids Doing Patriotic Things -- grab a couple extra hankies (severe heartstring tug alerts ahead!) and get ready to fall back in love with the land of the free faster than a giddy teenager on a warm summer night.