Let's face it, reaction videos are pretty much the easiest form of internet content a vlogger can create. And while we're not quite sure who's out there watching the clips, all you have to do is set up the cam, choose a salacious video (or the trailer to the latest Twilight series flick), and "OHHHMYYYGODDD" away -- it's all about your reaction: so give the people what they want!

We're all about real, unfiltered honesty in reaction videos, and sometimes we just don't get the expected reaction -- especially if the vlogger is one of those people who has "seen it all." And while I don't quite buy a straight-faced watching of 2 Girls 1 Cup (WARNING: do not Google this if you haven't seen it), it's pretty amusing to watch nonchalant vloggers and their non-reactions.

  • YouTuber kamesen24 set himself up for 2 Girls 1 Cup disappointment, claiming: "I'd heard about it. Seen the reactions. Been warned not to watch it myself, especially not while eating Campbell's Chunky Fajita Steak With Rice And Beans soup." (Also, is this the first reaction video with a built-in endorsement deal?)

  • They even had to add floating stars along the bottom of this vid to make it more interesting. (Maybe you should've just left it off the YouTubes?)

  • The only non-2 Girls reaction in the bunch, this girl filming a New Moon reaction video would be like me filming a reaction to the Community Access channel...

  • This clip is all about what's going on in the back and foreground: a kitty tail and someone's karaoke version of Tina Turner's 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' For real, you guys: stop watching 2 Girls 1 Cup with your bros get back to the awesome party!