It's no secret that the internet is really into cakes: wedding cake FAILs, cake wrecks, whatever the case may be -- if there is frosting made to look like something vaguely familiar in any way, people will click on it and drool while sitting in their cubicles. With that universal law in mind, our pal Alex over at Neatorama has tapped into the nerd trifecta (geeks, cakes and the internet) and collected the most awesome Star Trek Cakes. He insists that "resistance is futile," and we concur.

(Bonus for super-serious Trekkers out there -- Neatorama also has 8 Starship Enterprise Facts you simply need to know.) Everyone else, just look at these cakes!

  • Star Trek Cake by Ace of Cakes - via TrekMovie

  • Another one for the CakeCentral Star Trek Cake contest, this one is simple yet very chic: the Star Trek Uniform groom cake by CakeCentral user tenmeows.