Way way back in 2006, a recut trailer for horror classic The Shining hit the Tubez and left everybody in stitches -- what brilliance it was. Someone had cleverly re-edited Jack Nicholson's cinematic milestone into a fuzzy, family-friendly comedy, replete with a Peter Gabriel song to give the whole thing some "extra polish."

And, boy, did it work.

Since then, the recut trailer is a YouTube staple, showing up in all forms, possibly having reached a cultural apex when re-cut Brokeback Mountain trailers became America's favorite excuse for a hearty gay joke.

Nevertheless, the tradition continues, and we've culled together some of our favorites. Got your own suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments!
Update: Boy, did you! Here's a follow-up with readers' awesome picks!

  • Mrs. Doubtfire

    • When Harry Met Sally

    • Mary Poppins

    • You've Got Mail

    • Shawshank Redemption

    • Amelie

    • There's Something About Mary

    • Sleepless In Seattle

    • The Ring

    • Toy Story