amandah berkowskiAmandah Berkowski loves pop music. She also loves dancing. And she loves YouTube, her kids, and wearing clothing several sizes too small.

But one thing Amandah doesn't like? H8RZ, of which the Internet is chock full. In fact, she's been getting plenty of nasty comments lobbed her way on her YouTube videos, and guess what? She doesn't care! Well, she does care, but only enough to tell off her naysayers through song and dance. Here's grown adult Amandah Berkowski giving you a piece of her mind with a cover of former tween superstar Lindsay Lohan's 2004 not-really-a-smash, 'Rumors.'

Do you really think Amandah would go to all the trouble of adding sound effects, hanging a black bedsheet, and discoloring the video's resolution all so you could keep pestering her? The lyrics to 'Rumors' speak for themselves:

I'm tired of people lying
Saying what they want about me
Why can't they back up off me
Why can't they let me live
I'm gonna do it my way

You hear that, haterz?

Leave Amandah alone! Stop watching her 263 YouTube videos. Stop leafing through her public photo albums! Stop buying from her clothing line! Stop buying her book (really!?). Stop witnessing her intimate, post-birth glow.

And stop -- just STOP -- watching her dirty dancing to Rihanna while very pregnant:

Have a little class, you guys. This is the Internet, for heaven's sake.