Hello Kitty -- aka Kitty White -- might be the most merchandised cartoon to ever exist. She literally gets her adorable face (complete with tilted bow, beady eyes, round nose and missing mouth) slapped on anything and everything. And while she may come adorned in pink, whose to say that girls should have all the fun? For the man in your life who wants to embrace his sensitive side with a little Kitty, we've put together a definitive "Hello Kitty for Men" collection from the web -- where your #1 dude can find the manliest gifts, foods & contraptions that come with a Miss Kitty "edge".

  • Does your man like working with his hands? He's a real fix-it man, isn't he? Who says Hello Kitty can't help your dude out with his day-to-day manly activities.

(Clockwise from left: Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe, Hello Kitty Lawnmower (both from Hello Kitty Hell) and the Hello Kitty Sander from Flickr user nate_marsh.)

  • So your guy's more of a hunter-gatherer type, eh? Likes to get intimate with nature and all that? While this isn't quite camouflaging, Hello Kitty firearms are lady-friendly but could also work for the gentle Kitty-loving man in your life.

  • Oh? Your guy's more of a kick-back, hang-around-the-house, sports-watching type of dude? Don't worry! The Kitty's got plenty of fun things for every man. Here she presents her very own personalized beer and pizza -- for the man whose potbelly wants a more gentle fare (with the same great taste!)

(Top: Hello Kitty Beer. Bottom: Hello Kitty Pizza, both from Hello Kitty Hell.)

  • Forget flashy BMWs, you know your man just wants things to color coordinate. In pink.

  • Perhaps a little more for you than him, but he'll enjoy the "support."
  • Now for the world of HK we don't quite wish to dive into, but don't mind lifting up a big of the curtain to to take a peek... if Hello Kitty appears in your man's dreams (along with my nightmares) looking like she does on the left, you might have a small issue. Perhaps limited edition HK vibrators could help?