Recognize any of these faces? Unless you're active on YouTube (and no, that doesn't mean you know who Susan Boyle is), you might not. But these are actually some of the biggest YouTube personalities -- with not only millions of views combined, but each with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

So I'd like to bring forward these YouTube stars, whose fanbases are strong and devoted, and yet they rarely exist beyond the pages of YouTube. These are people who shoot, cut and edit all of their own material, meaning: they are not only charismatic but seriously talented.

Take a look and if you like, be sure to hit subscribe because these people LIVE for you to hit that magical button.

  • YT user Nigahiga aka Ryan Higa currently has 1,079,513 subscribers and, most recently, a video about a Portobello Mushroom burger. His most famous video, with over 20 million views, was "How to Be a Ninja"

  • Two 21-year old named Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox up the group Smosh, who clock in at #3 on the Most-Subscribed list.

  • My personal favorite, the fast-talking Michael Buckley, is the host of the weekly YouTube sensation "What The Buck" -- where he manages to squeeze in commentary on the week's biggest WTB! moments into a quick clip. He's also appeared on CNN and CBS to talk about various YouTube things, but his adoring fanbase is on the YT site, where he also draws crowds (of virtual viewers) for his live shows.

  • Jodie-Amy Rivera, who goes by the moniker Venetian Princess, is the Most-Subscribed female on the list and does mostly music video parodies, mocking the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

  • Make Me Bad 35 is actually a 20-year old name Damien who goes to school Maryland and in his free time, makes wacky videos on YouTube. He's got almost 350,000 subscribers and can make himself sound like Fred...which helps. (See: Fred below)

  • Philip DeFranco or as he's better known online, Philly D, is a vlogger who I don't quite understand. He mostly rants about girls, boobs & Britney Spears, but has a following of over 410,748 -- he must be doing something right!

  • Last, but not least (actually he tops the list of Most-Subscribed YouTube Channels with 1,169,777 followers), we've got Fred. Lucas Cruikshank plays the high-pitched teen, who baffles anyone above the age of 15 but is adored by the younger crowd. Evidence? He recently appeared on the popular Nickelodeon show, iCarly.