We know, we know. We missed quite a few videos on our epic list of 100 Iconic Internet Videos, and we're so happy (honestly!) that you all commented and told us the ones that were iconic in your minds that we glossed over. You would think we would have known the huge scale of the Internet, but we thought: 100 videos, no problem! Boy, were we WRONG. So many amazing vids were kicked off the list, as we looked at views, mash-ups, pop culture references, influences, and categories... What? You thought this job was easy? (It's kind of easy.)

Anyways, here's ANOTHER list (lucky you!) of the 14 Forgotten Videos that we either purposely left off (or completely forgot to add, our bad), brought to you by the marvelous commenters on Urlesque, Digg, Reddit, BuzzFeed, I Am Bored and all of the other amazing sites that posted a link to our list. Thank you guys and this milkshake's for you!

  • The brilliantly funny Flea Market Montgomery commercial -- which made it all the way to The Ellen Degeneres Show.

  • One of the first lip dubs to circulate the web: Milk and Cereal.

  • Perhaps we left this one off because we're scared of Anonymous? Would you blame us? Either way, their Message to Scientology was certainly iconic. For more information see Wikipedia.

  • "Cooking by the Book" by Lazy Town with a pinch of Lil' Jon creates the perfect mash-up! (Language NSFW)

  • With almost 13 million views, once "Tunak Tunak Tun" gets in your head, it doesn't leave.

  • We didn't forget "Yatta" either -- and it was actually on the list until the bitter end.

  • While I see the allure of Tourettes Guy, the 8 million views on this one astounds me. (Language NSFW)

  • Ahh, the Dancing Baby. We argued over this baby for a while here at the Urlesque HQ. Some said the baby was a GIF and shouldn't be included on the list, while others categorized it as a video. We're still undecided, even though we left it off, what do you think?

  • The ultimate fan favorite, many commenters argued that Boxxy should've been at the top of our list. It's relatively new, so we left it off -- but that doesn't diminish our love for the eyeliner'd spastic vlogger.

  • It was admittedly a huge oversight to leave off the 22.5 million hit, "My New Haircut," but we'll just blame the JÄGERBOMBS. (Language NSFW)

  • Kelly did fight for Nora the piano-playing cat, but she was overruled -- so we'll (the rest of the Urlbots) take full responsibility for this oversight. Blame us, not Kelly. (Ed. note: Thank you.)

  • Our number one oversight, one that we take COMPLETE responsibility for (and one that many commenters rightfully reamed us for missing), is the epic Battle at Kruger. Our argument is that it's from a documentary, but your argument is that it's AWESOME -- so you win.