The pygmy jerboa has been tearing up the internet this week. It's captured the hearts and blogs of influential sites like Cute Overload, BuzzFeed, and Andrew Sullivan's blog. That's a lot of press for a tiny desert rodent that looks like an adorable hamster face sitting on a pair of bird legs. Oh wait, no it's not. This is the internet. The only real mystery is why we didn't know about the pygmy jerboa sooner.

We've also included a few other cute, strange animals for your enjoyment. If you can think of any other animals that deserve 15 minutes of internet fame, please leave us some suggestions in the comments.
  • The red-ruffed lemur has a poodle head and an orangutan body. It is also insane.

  • Sand Cats! They look like house cats but they're adapted to life in the desert.

  • Here's a video of the ultra-rare garden cattail.