poker face lady gagaWith her library of pulsing pop from outer space, Lady GaGa is well on her way to conquering both the charts and the world. 'Poker Face,' her latest smash, has captured the ears of fans everywhere, and that includes "the kids."

So what if the song is about bisexual fantasy and mental adultery, as Lady GaGa put it? Really, what kid would possibly understand GaGa's space jabber when she claims to have been "bluffin' with [her] muffin?"

Thanks to YouTube, it doesn't matter what a kid knows. Because, as we've already pointed out with the likes of Katy Perry, this is a forum where all a little one needs is a webcam and eLyrics to put on their own show for the masses.

Parents, you might want to reconsider where you p-p-p-p-put that web cam.

  • Gal's got GaGa's look down like whoa

  • Omar gets conceptual (keep your eyes peeled for a chihuahua in a shirt)

  • "Poker Face:" the lullaby edition

  • Have we found our Mr. GaGa?

  • Ok, we're just going to have to adopt this one: