Baritone wonder, Tay Zonday took the intertubes by storm with his quirky, original tune 'Chocolate Rain' in April of 2007. Recorded in his Minneapolis apartment, Zonday struck a cord with internet surfers through his tune's odd lyrics and random subtitle-turned-catchphrase:"I move away from the mic to breathe in". Zonday claims the song's lyrics reference deep racial issues, but the cheezy vibe and resulting internet fame have overshadowed any possible intentions for spreading awareness. Like many of his contemporaries on this list, Zonday has made the full mainstream media circuit including multiple television appearances, parodied on South Park, included in Weezer's 'Pork and Beans' video, and an appearance in (and aiding in the creation of a song for) a Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper commercial. He continues to make make music and ride the wave of his web fame.

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