Aside from car alarms, babies crying and of course, the sound of an Apple computer starting up (kidding), the most familiar sound to movie buffs and nerds alike has to be the cry of the furry wookiee from Star Wars better known as Chewbacca. I would even go so far to call Chewie an Internet celebrity due to the amount of Wookiee tributes floating around on the web.

Everything from costumes to cakes exists in Chewie-form, that's why we're here to collect all of this goodness for you and put it below in our CHEWBACCA ON THE WEB roundup: your one-stop-shop for webby Wookiee fun.

Things That Sound Like Chewbacca

  • The video that inspired it all: Is there actually a Chewbacca in this guy's nightstand? You be the judge.

  • This kitty's desperation to get outside turns him into a giant CHEWBACCA MONSTER.

  • Can someone identify the "Chewie note"?

  • When your "hoover" (aka vacuum) sounds like a Chewbacca, you definitely put it on YouTube.

  • Chewie is channeled through a steering wheel?

Human Chewbacca Impressions
For the human Chewie impressions, check out My Best Chewbacca -- a collection of the best and worst impersonations to grace the pages of YouTube. What we've got for you is the inanimate and animalistic Chewie soundalikes, everything from nightstand to vacuum cleaner.

And for those of us without the right vocals for a Chewie cry? We can still have fun attempting to recreate the look and feel of the famous Wookiee with homemade Chewbacca costumes!

Chewbacca Costumes
Holy Taco's got some of the worst homemade Star Wars costumes and there is quite a bit of Chewie in there so here are our favorites:

  • I think you're confusing Star Wars with Lord of the Rings, which is an understandable mistake...because you look more like Gandalf the Grey, than a Wookiee.

  • Whether or not Chewie actually wore glasses (this is a highly debated subject), this Wookiee-wannabe still looks a little off.

  • Here is a collection of debatable Chewies we'd like to contribute -- MORE BABY CHEWIES! And by highly debatable, I mean highly adorable. (via, via & via)

Chewbacca on Twitter
Not enough Chewie for ya? The one and only Wookiee not only maintains a Twitter account...

...But also exists in Legoform all over the web (doesn't everything?)

LEGO Chewbaccas
  • From Flickr user stibbons, we've got the Lego Chewie...

  • ...And from Flickr user Shelly Panzarella, we've got the ALL-LEGO CHEWBACCA that lives in FAO Schwartz, NYC.

Chewbacca Cakes
LEGO not doing it for you? How about the best Chewie cakes? We're definitely not the first to round up the best Chewie cakes on the web. That honor goes to the wonderful Cake Wrecks, and here are some of their best finds.

  • This one might be for Navin, but you can actually but your own at Sugarlicious!

  • In this cake, you might think that Chewie and the mysterious Bigfoot might be close cousins!

  • From Geek Crafts, another delicious-looking Chewie treat:

I am so Wookiee'd out right now.