furries hot dogsIf you see a human being dressed up in an animal costume, you're probably inside a theme park.

If you see a human being dress up in an animal costume at an ATM, you're probably in the presence of a furry.

are members of a subculture of people who focus on cartoon animals, anthropomorphic animals, or human-animal hybrids -- essentially animals bearing the attributes of humans.

Much [sexxxy] urban lore has been spread about these folks, which we've chosen to ignore so we can simply shift attention to their fursuits (whattup, Beastcub!?), wearable animal costumes that depict an anthropomorphic creature who can walk, talk, and ...crawl, or whatever.

In fact, there are yearly conventions for furries, where they gather to show off their costumes and mainly shoot the breeze (although that might prove difficult with giant paws). This, of course, means that the furries -- in their element -- often take to the streets, and that nearby towns should be prepared to come face to face with members of the tribe as they go pussyfootin' about downtown.

So what do fursuiters do in their downtime, in public? YouTubers everywhere fill us in:

  • They go motorcrossing!

  • They bowl!

  • They terrorize the mall!

  • They wave at oncoming traffic (P.S. LOVE the Jnco's)!

  • They hang out at playgrounds!

  • They visit pet supply stores!

  • They eat hot dogs in Connecticut!

  • They swim (!?)

  • They miniature golf!

  • They crash children's soccer games!

  • They ride bicycles!

  • They f*ck with dogs!

  • They visit the zoo (duh!)