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If there's anything that will keep us from considering parenthood (at least for a while), it's seeing babies throwing up (well, that and the pressure of undertaking the biggest responsibility that will ever happen to you). Sure, they're cute and cuddly and squishy and fun to play with, but when the moment of upheaval overcomes them (and, consequently, you), the barfing baby is a sight to be seen. ...Or a sight to be avoided, depending on your distance from and relationship to the wee tot.

Moms and Dads, this video collection of barfing babies is just for you. This happens to you ALL THE TIME?! You guys are incredible.

  • Is baby Tia drunk? (Also, the audio needs to be a ringtone!)

  • Is baby projectile cuter when preceded by hiccups? Take it, Annabelle!

  • We've all ordered bad Chinese, but Brianna takes the cake cookies

  • There's not much vomit here (sawwy!), but the boots are too cute!

  • Mother of the Year

  • Father of the Year

  • ...and Grandpa of the Year

  • Mother of the Century (because the baby vomits into Mommy's mouth)

  • You know how sometimes a joke is so funny, you think you're gonna pee? This is kind of like that.

[Editor's Note: This delightful video collection was inspired by one of our faithful readers who, after finding us on digg, let it be known that we missed THIS awesome baby puking montage in our America's Funniest Home Videos Montages post. Best palate cleanser ever!]