I was searching for videos of extreme cheese eating -- it has to exist -- when I came across this beautiful gem of a man.

He calls himself Fatman and when he's not storing hot pockets under his breasts or dead lifting his stomach, one of his favorite things to do is to sit shirtless in a metal folding chair and eat enormous amounts of food (presumably) for our enjoyment.

  • Here's Fatman eating five double cheeseburgers. Or are they ten single cheeseburgers?

  • If there's one thing Fatman knows, it's the importance of staying hydrated. That's why he's chosen to drink an entire bowl of gravy in this video.

  • Here's Fatman wolfing down a block of cheese like it's a Snicker's bar.

  • Fatman loves Twinkies. Full boxes of Twinkies. If God didn't want you to eat a whole box of Twinkies in one sitting, well then God wouldn't sell Twinkies in a box.

  • Surprise, surprise, Fatman has diabetes, but that doesn't mean he's afraid of a little elevated blood sugar. In fact he welcomes it. That's why he's decided to wash down his half gallon of ice cream with a two-liter of good ol' regular root beer.