The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and you may have noticed the league's signature "Where Amazing Happens" commercials are back with them. You know, the black and white, super slow-mo highlights of team unity, game winning shots, and Lebron James and others set to dramatic piano music. The ads are now saturating the airwaves on ESPN, TNT, ABC... and YouTube, where all sorts of people are parodying them. This is actually the second wave of this meme, whose origin dates back to a column written by Bill Simmons in November of 2007. Back then, The Sports Guy wrote:

That reminds me, my buddy House and I were on the phone last week trying to come up with the funniest images that could ever appear in a YouTube parody of the "Where Amazing Happens" commercial. We didn't realize that some YouTubers had already taken the concept and run with it, but here's the 30-second parody that I would have spliced together if I had the technological savvy...
After Simmons laid out his director's notes, one of his readers put the inaugural video together and the thing took off from there. While early incarnations made fun of the league's crooked refs, bloated salaries and off-court arrests, this season's seem to be more about making Amazing Happen in your own life. What does it all mean? Cultural anthropologists will debate this for decades, but for now just watch the best 'Where Amazing Happens" parodies:
  • Where being a douche in your dorm room happens

  • Where dunking on a 6 foot hoop in your driveway happens

  • Where finishing the crossword happens

  • Where scrubs shooting airballs happens:

  • Where playing Halo 3 for 7 hours in your basement happens

  • Where Teen Wolf references happen

  • Where beer pong happens