Everyone loves a good celebrity sighting and here in New York City they are plentiful but no less omg-worthy.

For city gossipers, Gawker's Gawker Stalker map used to satisfy all of our celeb-sighting needs. But a few fatal flaws persisted: submissions came in via e-mail and had to go through editors before they were posted, killing the real-time appeal of "Omg Suri Cruise is IN my building!"

Then Twitter came along. Its real-time access to information from TMI to breaking news made it at once addictive and overwhelming. Begging that oh so pressing question: is there a place an avid star-follower can go where Brangelina's lunch order doesn't compete with links to Skittles.com?

Finally, an answer: omgicu.

The new site, which launched today, combines the speed and accessibility of Twitter and the celeb-rich goodness of the Gawker Stalker map. It is New York-based at the moment, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the service hits other star-laden cities across the globe.