t-pain autotune auto-tuneALERT: Get your last parody in, because while auto-tune might still be hot on the pop charts, the Internet is almost done with it.

But! Because we love you, we wouldn't want you to be without complete knowledge of the auto-tune trend. That's why below is a list of all the recent auto-tune parodies that have amused the masses.

  • The newest auto-tune parody to hit the nets, "Auto-tune the News" really makes me wonder when Katie Couric's debut album is gonna hit stores.

  • I'll officially say that this is the peak of of the auto-tune craze. That's because it's so beyond words, that there couldn't be anything better to come.

  • Vimeo's addition to the auto-tune craze makes me wish every office had auto-tune.

  • BobbyRaySimmons' auto-tuned song about auto-tune is quite meta, and it makes me pretty confident in my own singing abilities.

  • EDIT: So much love and thanks to commenter Earnest for reminding me about one of the first auto-tune parody videos which was done by the comedy troupe Olde English.