Either Abe Vigoda has figured out how to use his webcam or Billy Crystal is exclusively reviving Miracle Max for the Internet. Either way, whoever Edarem is, we sure are glad he's on YouTube, regaling us with seated dances, TV theme lip-syncs, and stark philosophical musings, all shot from the dank interior of his own fire-lit back-alley shack (no, seriously).

We figured mysterious hobos had access to computers, but we didn't think any of them actually worked!


  • Deconstructing the theme to Scrubs

  • Performing a "Hungarian dance" (music which, Edarem writes, "moves both man and beast" ...the F?!)

  • Pondering overbites

  • Singing over a recording of himself singing 'Chiquita Banana'

  • Making a telephone call on a banana with Cloris Leachman in 1982

  • Lip syncing the theme to Walker, Texas Ranger

  • Paying homage to Fantasy Island's Ricardo Montalban

BONUS: The dude has recorded over 200 songs available for purchase on Midomi. Must. Buy. Now.