susan-boyle-britains-got-talentSince just last week, the Internet has been awash in Susan Boyle madness. The dowdy, self-proclaimed "cat lady" swiftly earned her international stardom after a clip in which she belts out 'I Dreamed A Dream' on reality show Britain's Got Talent went viral.

And that makes Boyle the fourth in a line of online video phenomenons straight from the show, where underdogs initially scoffed at by the audience take an arguably "unlikely" step into the spotlight, wowing the judges and earning Internutty fans across the globe.

Here are the most famous underdogs from Britain's Got Talent, all of whom you may already know, but if not, you should. Grab yer tissues -- it's a sobfest.

  • Paul Potts, the cell phone salesman-turned-instant superstar

  • Connie Talbot, cutie pie with a voice

  • Susan Boyle, cat lady powerhouse