Urlesque counts down the top 100 viral videos in the history of the web.
chris crocker leave britney aloneThey were the tears that rocked the nation -- they streamed down his face, and blond-haired internet personality Chris Crocker ranted and wailed: "All you people care about is readers and making money off of her. She's a human! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!"

Crocker posted the now infamous video in response to the criticism of Britney Spears' fumbling comeback performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. The 20-year old vlogger not only became synonymous with not only the controversial pop star, but soon represented the gay vlogging community (or the "YouTube gay village -- which features "What The Buck's" Michael Buckley, among many others.)

When 'Leave Britney Alone' hit the mainstream media (and racked up millions of views), Crocker was not a newcomer to the vlogging community. He already had thousands of fans subscribed to the "edutainer's" rants and monologues covering everything from living as a gay man in a small-minded southern town to pubic hair etiquette.

After the "Leave Britney Alone" explosion, Crocker's face was plastered all over the mainstream media and the clip was called one of the top videos of 2007 by Wired Magazine and even YouTube. Responses and parodies also popped up, both mocking and praising the outspoken vlogger. He went on to appear all over TV -- claiming the absolute validity of his Britney-adoration, as many doubted that his cries to "Leave Britney Alone" were sincere. In addition, his catchphrase, "leave __ alone" was added and adopted into everyday lexicon.

Crocker soon moved from his grandmother's house in the Bible Belt to Los Angeles, where he released a song called 'Mind in the Gutter' and supposedly signed a development deal with 44 Blue Productions to star in a reality TV show. Whether we hear from Crocker again or not, the internet will never forget to leave Britney alone -- there's always someone out there in her corner.