Urlesque counts down the top 100 viral videos in the history of the web.
panda sneezeExemplifying the internet's short attention span, this quick clip featuring a panda mom and her baby doesn't disappoint. You aren't watching long before you get the punchline: a loud sneeze from the baby and the mother (along with the viewer) seizes in shock. That, my friends, is it. So why does this short clip not only have over 30 million views, but has been parodied on South Park and in YouTubers' tributes all over the web?

We wish we could answer that question, but the clip's popularity does explain much-loved animal antics to follow on YouTube.

The origins of the pandas are sketchy, but the brief Chinese chatter included in the beginning of some versions of the clip may suggest that it comes from our neighbors to the east, like so many viral videos do.

The sneeze heard 'round the world. It may only be one quick sneeze, but boy, does it pack a punch.