Urlesque counts down the top 100 viral videos in the history of the web.

#50 - 2 Girls 1 Cup / Reaction Videos

Oh, the days of 2 Girls 1 Cup and the resulting boom of reaction videos. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The "original source" video itself was so gross and terrible to watch (seriously, don't Google it), the internet adapted quickly, and soon unsuspecting grandmothers were being tricked into watching the festivities while being secretly taped for our collective entertainment. Grandma Marlene was by far the most adorable -- she was completely horrified, but also watched the entire thing, providing some priceless color commentary and facial reactions. -AM

#49 - Frozen Grand Central

New York's Improv Everywhere staged one of its most ambitious pranks in 2008 when they attempted to "stop time" inside bustling travel hub Grand Central Station. Passersby were stunned, confused, and delighted by the performers (all of whom looked like ordinary travelers) as they pulled all stood frozen in place, even getting bewildered cops involved before everyone suddenly continuing on their respective ways. This one's for the viral history books. -EG

#48 - Otters Holding Hands

Okay, otters are cute. Otters holding "hands" transcend cute... and rack up 12 million views on YouTube. Cynthia Holmes had no idea that a quick video she took at the Vancouver aquarium would capture the imaginations of many – and even bring some jaded viewers to tears in a time of war. A CBC News segment about the video tried to break it down, noting that otters do this in rough seas to keep together. They also referred to the video as a "virus of cuteness". Rude. Sadly, Nyac, one of the featured otters (who incidentally survived the Exxon Valdez oil spill) died in September of '08. -SL

#47 - Old Lady Punch

Commonly referred to as 'old lady punch' (although neither woman is really that old) this video stirs curiosity in all who watch it. Where are they? Why is this happening? Snopes breaks it down: "The scene took place in 1999 outside a courtroom where a reckless driver had just been sentenced for causing an accident... that left two people dead." Not funny. In true form, the internet absorbed the clip, spawning many, many remixes. -SL

#46 - Daft Hands

Daft Punk wasn't necessarily the most popular dance outfit before "Daft Hands" hit the Tubez, but it sure did help. 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' is now the group's coup d'etat, if you will, after somebody went ahead and turned the song's minimal lyrics into a one-take, two-handed finger dance video. With all the words scrawled across their digits, "Daft Hands" proves that, on the Internet, people can really do anything they want, and that includes reciting an under-the-radar dance pop ditty with nothing but fingers. See also: Daft Bodies. -EG