Urlesque counts down the top 100 viral videos in the history of the web.

#45 - One Man Band

Connor Berge created this video of a "one man band," playing all the instruments and vocals on the track and combined them into one video. This spurned many imitators, many better than this, but as Connor points out on his YouTube page, he was the original. -RV

#44 - 'Hey Jude' Kid

In honor of cute babies all over the internet -- whether they be laughing, dancing, or just being adorable -- we present the internet's bonified favorite: the 'Hey Jude' baby aka Ha Youngwoong or "Hero" from Korea. The four-year old's version of 'Hey Jude' has currently melted over six million hearts, making him one of the most viewed toddlers on the 'net. -LW

#43 - Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster

If childhood obesity is an epidemic, then this viral classic could be easily its iconic "this is your brain on drugs" PSA. A large child and a lady named Janice take a spin on a coaster, and the whole thing is caught on camera. Janice is having a helluva time, laughing from start to finish, while the rotund fella next to her (the mystery of their relationship only makes the video more fascinating) seems to experience a full-blown panic attack as he witnesses the uncomfortable gravitational pull that barely keeps him strapped in while they fly through the air. To some, it's utter hilarity while to others, it's humiliation at its most raw. But everyone can agree on one question: how black must Janice's heart be if she completely ignores the poor guy to her right? Shame, Janice, shame! -EG

#42 - Afro Ninja

Falling on his face during a commercial audition was the best thing that ever happened to Hollywood stuntman Mark Hicks: "The guy that did the backflip and then knocked himself stupid...with the hair" Those are actual lines from Afro Ninja: Destiny, the movie Hicks wrote, directed, and starred in after his failed audition tape was leaked onto the Internet, where it was viewed more than 80 million times. Oh, and did we mention that after he fell on his face, he auditioned again and booked the job? Afro Ninja for the win! -JB

#41 - Skateboarding Dog

Say what you will about pets doing human tricks, but when you see this bulldog named Tillman skateboarding down Venice Beach, it's scientifically impossible to turn away. Once he was featured on a 2007 iPhone commercial, he officially reached the big leagues of cuteness. -AM